Do you know the secret ; What God Loves and what he Hates as per scriptures?

Hari Om

God loves Humility and He hates Pride.

Pride (Ego) is the primordial beginning cause that gives rise to many other negativities of life. Pride if not given up or disowned quickly it can bind us eternally through powerful negative vasanas and indelible samskaras,

The basic problems with a person who is possessed by PRIDE are:

– the person with pride does not accept his mistakes as he gets irritated when his mistakes are pointed out.

– the person who is proud, does not want to easily or naturally appreciate or admire other’s contribution or good works

– the person with pride often times believes that he is superior to everyone and this thinking make him even sometimes forget GOD and thereby making him prayer less.

– the Pride person is always with fear of possible attack from external world challenging his pride or status and therefore constantly worried about maintaining his status or false pride.

– the pride person does not want to believe that someone whom he does not like to be more affluent or intelligent as the case may be, leading to constant hatred and jealousy.

– the person who is prideful of his caste, education, affluence or possessions can never meet his Ishta Devata or GOD in prayers.

– prayerfulness is the key for searching the truth of existence and surrendering to Almighty GOD but Pride acts as an obstacle between the devotee and GOD

One can have Pride probably if he can possess the following qualities:

– if he can live without disease

– if he does not become old

– if he does not die forever

– if he does not loose the quality of his memory and other sensory sensitivities eternally

– if he is able to remain calm when under praise or attack

– if he is able to see everyone with Equal vision and meets every experience with Equanimity.

Even a Vulnerable person can reach GOD but not a Person with Pride.

On the other hand Humility is the key for attaining GOD ASAP.

Fearlessness and Humility are the foremost values one should have to quickly acquire for greater spiritual progress.

Many of us oftentimes believe that suppressing facts, or through misrepresentation we can nourish our pride and egoistic personality but beware of the possible attack round the corner waiting to take away your peace forever.

Also believing that the entire world has no other job other than watching you and what you are doing – is the primary cause for constant misrepresentations and suppressions.

For e.g., the Pride ( or false pride) in many of us stops us from saying Thank You to people who are useful and resourceful to us. Lack of gratitude become natural quality for people with pride. Because of prideful nature the person does not want to recognize or acknowledge others talents, achievements and progress. This becomes often through chain reactions stronger, promoting hatred, resentment and animosity.

Because of Pride one looses, gentlemanliness, boldness, prayerfulness, thankfulness and efforts towards realising Godliness.

How to overcome Pride

Firstly we should understand this through a simple logic in our day to day living:

The taps in the washrooms or kitchen in your house or your neighboring flats can get water only if there is enough water in the Overhead tank. Also the flow of water in each tap is proportional to the discharge capacity ( or diameter) of the pipes to which they are connected. If a Tap having higher discharge rate starts thinking that it discharges more than others therefore it is special or superior to other ones, it is wrong because , more or less, discharge of water is possible only if there is water in the over head tank.

Similarly each one of us may have different capabilities based on our karmas but all of us derive the Grace from the same source GOD akin to the overhead tank or Borewell. In other words we should be able to see oneness by appreciating everyone and recognizing everyone.

The Pride can also be given up by constantly thinking about, birth, death, old age, disease, grief and death as Lord Krishna instructs in Bhagawad Gita.

The Pride can be given up more by increasing our Love for GOD

Faith should lead us to devotion and then to surrender to ultimately become one with GOD.

Remember always Pride is a child of your primordial beginning less ignorance which has to be given up here and now for developing Humility and Fearlessness. Whenever Pride arises ask the question to whom it belong to, you will realize instantly through witnessing the Pride that it is not yours but that of finite perishable Ego’s. Come out and own your real nature.

In Bhagavad-gita 18.58, Lord Krishna says,

mach-chittaḥ sarva-durgāṇi mat-prasādāt tariṣhyasi

atha chet tvam ahankārān na śhroṣhyasi vinaṅkṣhyasi

Meaning : If you remember me always, by my grace you will overcome all obstacles and difficulties. But if, due to pride, you do not listen to my advice, you will perish.

Let us give up pride and attain the lotus feet of the Lord to experience the eternal Bliss of liberation.

GF’ Blessings……🙏😊✋️