Siruvapuri Murugan Temple

Hari Om

Siruvapuri Balasubramanyaswamy temple is one of the most powerful temples of Lord Muruga or Karthikeya. It is located about 40 kms from Chennai on Chennai-Kolkata highway. 

The temple is of significant importance and relevance with its history from the epic Ramayana. It is believed that Lava and Kusa, the sons of Rama resided in this place. When Rama was passing this location, they had fought a war with Rama unknowingly. As the young ones fought a war here, the place was called as Siruvar Por Puri. (Siruvar means children, Por Puri means waging a war, in Tamil). This powerful destination is now known  as. Chinnambedu, previously it was  known as Siruvar Ambu Edu (children who took their arrows for the fight).


 Hundreds of years ago, a lady named Murugammai lived in this village. She was a very spiritual person, an ardent devotee of Lord Muruga. For many years, she’s believed to have chanted his name with utter devotion and prayed sincerely. Her husband however, was not very happy with her level of dedication to the Lord and often tried to discourage her. One such day, when he realised that she didn’t give any importance to his words, he cut her arms out of anger and frustration. Murugammai  instead of getting angry at her husand, cried for help to Lord Muruga. The Lord was utterly  pleased and stunned with her bhakti towards him, made her wounds disappear without any sign of injury.

 At this temple, Lord Muruga is called Srī Balasubramanyar and possesses the power to grant and fulfil devotees’ wishes.

This picturesque temple also has Sri Annamalaiyar (Lord Shiva) and Sri Unnamulai Amman. The utsava moorthy of Lord Muruga is seen as Valli Manalar in a wedding posture with Śrī Valli. Lord Muruga here is thought to grant all wishes for people  who intend to buy or construct a property. Often, people who wish to buy any form of real estate visit Lord Muruga here for blessings.

Among the various names of Muruga, the name Valli Kanavan stands supreme as the most popular one. Murugan, who is the consort of Teyvayanai, the celestial daughter of Lord Indra,married a huntress-girl of the human world, a feature in history having very deep philosophical importance. It is to prove that all are equal in the eyes of the Lord and people are not distinguished based  on any aspect. Valli exudes brilliance here as Ichha Śakti. The marriage of Murugan with Valli is glorified by Tamil scholars as a most fitting example of ‘furtive love’. Murugan’s marriage to Valli was filled with conjugal bliss and contentment  always. This is indicative of how married life should be in this generation and world around us, which often focuses only on materialistic things. His image with Valli is known as Valli Kalyana Sundarar. The Kumāra Tantra depicts this form as having one face and four hands. The front two hands are one in abhaya mudrā and the other in Kadyavalmpītham (hand placed on the hip). In the back two hands he has rudraksa māla and kamandalu. In this form on the right side we find Valli in all her beauty. Lord Murugan holding the hand of Valli in preparation for wedlock is only the one of its kind at Siruvapuri Sri Balasubramanya Svami Temple which is situated about 35 kilometres from Chennai near Gummudipoondi.

 The worship of Valli Kalyana Sundarar is often taken as a pathway for the celebration of marriages at the appropriate timing among families. Even marriages which have been troubled or dissatisfied due to various circumstances are said to find relief and remedies, paving the way for a happier married life. Lord Muruga in this temple is believed to grant His devotees with timely and happy marriage, children, property and solutions to their problems in these spheres besides granting other boons. Tuesday worship is very special in this temple. Tuesdays are fully crowded with Lord’s devotees.

Note: It’s a Belief in this Temple that having Darshan without break, every on Tuesday for 6 weeks continuously can fulfil devotee’s dharmic or appropriate wish.

Arunagirinathar is seen just near the sanctum facing the Lord. Arunagirinathar has visited this temple and sung many Thiruppugazh songs here. He also has composed an Archanai Thiruppugazh on Lord Muruga, which if recited fulfils ones wishes. Other deities are Maragatha Vinayakar, Aadhi Murugar, Naagar, Venkatrayar, Muniswaraar and Bairavar. Another unique feature of this temple is the presence of Maragatha (Emerald) Mayil (Peacock) the carrier of Lord Muruga made of green stone.

May we all receive Siruvapuri Lord Muruga’s Bountiful Blessings for security, peace and happiness. 

GF’ Blessings.