The Great Protector – Lord Krishna of Guruvayur

Hari Om

Guruvayur is a powerful temple and the home of extraordinary Lord Sree Krishna (Sri Guruvayurappan). The Temple is often referred to as the Dwaraka of the South. The temple is of significant importance and an extremely popular pilgrimage destination for Sri Krishna devotees of the universe. The central shrine was rebuilt in 1638 C.E.

The devotees of Lord Krishna frequently visit this holy temple and have immense faith in the power of the Lord. There are many magical stories associated with Guruvayur and one such story is the following:

This is a mystical story of a devotee called Poonthanam an ardent worshipper of Lord Krishna, who dedicated his entire life to reading the Bhagvatam and singing the glories of him. It is believed that he walked hundred kilometers to take darshan of Guruvaayurappan(Lord Krishna) every month.

The path that took towards Guruvayur was dense and dark with not many people around. One such day when he was on his way to visit the Lord, in the forest he was attacked by some robbers.

When he was confronted by the robbers, he gave them everything he possessed, the money and his ring. However, the thieves were still not happy. They wanted to know what was in the small packet he was clinging on to. (👇Guruvayur Temple entrance: image courtesy wikipedia)

Poonthanam refused to part with this, as it was his biggest beloved treasure, his Bhagvatham book. The thieves were convinced he was hiding something precious and wanted him to give them the packet. He couldn’t bear to give his most precious book away and instead cried out to Lord Krishna seeking his help.

That deserted place was filled with the anguish of the robbers and the loud Narayana prayers and helpless cries of Poonthanam.

A man who was passing nearby on hearing the noise came on the horse and fought the thieves and got the money and the ring back.
The man then introduced himself as the minister of the Zamorin Raja, who happened to be in the neighbourhood.

Poonthanam, feeling immensely grateful for his gesture, immediately gave the man his ring as a token of his appreciation. The minister accepted the gift and helped him find his way to the temple and disappeared.

The very same night, the head priest of the temple had a vivid dream where he was told, “You will find a ring on the Deity. Give it to Poonthanam, who will come tomorrow.”

Astonishingly, the next day when the head priest went to the temple to perform his daily rituals he saw a ring on the Lord’s finger.

When Poonthanam arrived at Guruvayur temple for darshan, the head priest came out from the Deity’s room and gave Poonthanam the ring and explained all the events with sheer amazement.

Poonthanam was dumbfounded to see that the ring was his own, which he had presented to minister, after the incident with the thieves.
Instantly, he realised that it was no coincidence and the minister was his Lord trying to protect him and save him from any negative situation. His faith was further intensified and he was delighted.

Miracles performed by Lord Krishna

Uddhava prays in Srimad Bhagavatam 11.19.9

‘pashyaami naanyac charanam tavaanghri/ dvandvaatapatraad amrtaabhivarshaat’,

“I do not see any possible shelter other than Your two lotus feet, which are just like a refreshing umbrella that pours down showers of delicious nectar”, we need to always securely trust like Uddava, that the Lord is the only shelter unconditionally.

A magnificent prayer by Queen Uttara when Ashwathama shoots the Brahmastra weapon to kill the the baby in her womb.

paahi paahi mahaa-yogin / deva-deva jagat-pate
naanyam tvad abhayam pashye / yatra mrtyuh parasparam”

Uttara said: “O Lord of Lords, Lord of the universe! You are the greatest of mystics. Please protect me, for there is no one else who can save me from the clutches of death in this world of duality.” Srimad Bhagavatam 1.8.9.

In the above pastime we see how Lord at once took up His personal weapon to protect His devotees, who did not know anyone other than Him.

In his wonderful purport to verse 1.8.13 His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada explains – 

“Ashwathama released the weapon just to finish all the male members of Pandu’s family; therefore in one sense it was more dangerous than the atomic bombs because it could penetrate even the most protected place and would never miss the target.

Knowing all this, Lord Sri Krishna at once took up His personal weapon to protect His devotees, who did not know anyone other than Krishna. In the Bhagavad-Gita the Lord has clearly promised that His devotees are never to be vanquished. And He behaves according to the quality or degree of the devotional service rendered by the devotees.”

We all have heard many stories and miraculous situations wherein the Lord personally comes and helps when the devotee is in need.

He immediately came to help King Gajendra, Draupadi, Kunti Maharani, Uttara, the Gopis, etc.

The commonality of all the above situations is the unaltered faith of the devotees. They all cried to the Lord and believed in his presence.
They completely surrendered to the Lord with utmost faith. So, when we surrender to Him, unconditionally, the Lord also reciprocates with his grace and blessings.

GF’ Blessings.