Alter your attitude to reveal God’s Plan

Hari Om

There was a man who lived in a village, he was extremely lethargic and laid back. He always looked for the easy ways in life to get things  done and feed himself.

One such day, as he was walking by, he stumbled upon a fruit farm. He looked around to find that there was no one to guard or monitor in the vicinity and decided to steal some fruits. However, while he was planning his escape, the owner of the farm, spotted him and started running towards him. The man ran towards the forest and as fast as he could and went inside forest to hide.

After a few hours, once he felt sure he was safe, he started to walk toward the village. Passing by the village, he saw a fox who had only two legs and was crawling on those two legs with great difficulty.

The man immediately wondered and thought to himself, “How could  this fox be still alive in such  a  condition in this environment? This fox couldn’t run yet was able to feed himself as well as protect itself from other animals?”

In that exact moment, he saw a lion coming towards the fox,the man  ran and climbed up the tree.  He could see from top of the tree,  that  the lion was holding a piece of meat in his mouth and seeing the  lion all other animals ran away  swiftly  except  the fox which was unable to run and save itself.

What happened next, left the man completely shocked and puzzled.

The lion, instead of attacking the fox, left him a piece of meat and left the place.

Witnessing this he appreciated God’s plan to feed the disabled fox and thought to himself, “God is the  creator of all things and he  eternally has a plan to take care of all his creations.This means God must have something intended  for me as well.”

He decided to leave the village and stop hiding, he started walking and just outside village sat under a tree, waiting for someone to come and feed him. He kept looking  towards the road hoping for someone to come and feed him just like the lion and the fox. Two days passed by and he was still without  any food and got anxious. Finally, unable to bear  the hunger he  decided to start  walking towards the village. While waking back to  the village he met an old Sage.

He told him everything he had on his mind and probed him, “Why is that God has shown his mercy on that fox and was so indifferent  towards me?”

The sage offered him some food and water to quench his thirst and hunger. After, he smiled and said, “It’s right that the creator has a plan for everyone. You are obviously a part of God’s grand plan but son, you mistook his sign entirely. He didn’t want you to be like the fox. He wanted you to be like the Lion”

God has equipped us with capabilities and resources, along with that he has given us strength and Competence to do our part to fulfil our requirements and to help others in need. We should always learn to see things in a constructive  way and view ourselves in a position to help people who are in a less comfortable situation than us.

Ego is often the cause of destructive thoughts and negative patterns. When you assume that the universe should accomplish your desires you will end up building negative thoughts as people cannot help you. When we program our mind to think that we are on earth to help others, we may receive help, we will develop gratitude and constructive Thinking. Ganges will not flow as per google map, only google map has to follow Ganges. All the negative emotions such as greed, jealousy, hatred, ingratitude and anger belong to the Ego which wants the world to flow its way. All the positive emotions such as Love, gratitude, joy, compassion and forgiveness belong to the supreme soul which is devoid of Ego dwelling in the expression of oneness in everything.

One should get rid of dwelling constantly in I, Mine, Myself  and  consciously embrace and build  positive thoughts with compassion for all living beings.

GF’ Blessings.