Lord Hanuman – The Eternal Troubleshooter

Hari Om

All devotees who go through testing times caused by Lord Shani are often asked to pray to Lord Hanuman, the eternal troubleshooter. Both Lord Shiva and Shani Dev are connected to Lord Hanuman. While Lord Hanuman is an avatar of Lord Shiva (Sri Rudra), Lord Shani Dev received all his powers through immense meditation from Lord Shiva.

Hanuman and Shani Dev

Surya Dev, father of Lord Shani Dev, is considered the teacher of Lord Hanuman. Due to Shani Dev’s fight with his father, Suryadev is said to have given a lot of his powers to Lord Hanuman and made him Mahaveer. While Shani Dev is often considered to be of harsh and unforgiving nature, Lord Hanuman is extremely forgiving similar to the nature of Lord Shiva. Shani Dev has come from fire, while Lord Hanuman from air— “Pavan putra.”

In the Hindu religion, it is believed that Hanumanji and Ganeshji, are the only two deities who are free of Lord Shani’s affliction. All the planets are said to be under the control of Lord Hanuman’s tail and when a devotee worships Lord Hanuman, he is granted strength and courage to get through any situation.

The episode from Ramayana

Hanumanji is believed to have rescued Lord Shani from the wicked clutches of Raavan. Due to the boons he had received from Lord Shiva and Brahma, Ravana was invincible and dangerous. He defeated all Devata and Lokpaal and kept them under his foothold. Lord Shani however, offered to help them out.

Ravana, as an astrologer himself, manipulated his son’s horoscope when he was born and placed all the planets in his 11th house so he could be immortal and indestructible. Shani Dev, however stretched his leg away from Ravana’s clutch and moved towards the 12th house. When Ravana came to know, he was furious and placed Lord Shani in a dark cell where he was helpless.

Shani Dev and Lord Hanuman (Image courtesy: daily bhaskar.com)

Around this time, Hanumanji was looking for Goddess Sita, he heard Shani’s cries from a dark place. Lord Shani pleaded for Lord Hanuman to help him, while Hanumanji freed him, he became a victim because of Lord Shani’s direct gaze. Hanuman knew he will have to face the hardships that come along with this in the divine scheme of things. Lord Shani explained that in order to escape, he will have to climb on his head, which will make him lose his house, family and sons. Lord Hanuman immediately responded positively that it didn’t worry him as he had no family and his home was at the feet of Lord Rama. Hence, Lord Shani got on his head and carried out his escape.

To show his immense gratitude, Lord Shani promised Hanuman that devotees who pray to Hanunanji on Saturday would be rescued from the painful clutches of Lord Shani.

Benefits of praying to Lord Hanuman during Shani’s testing times

 It is a popular belief that when you sincerely pray to Hanumanji you can avoid the negative effects of Saturn (Shani Dev). Lord Hanuman’s wish was granted by Lord Shani, to not let any of Hanuman’s devotees be harmed by the effects of Saturn. Also when Shani Dev was freed by Hanumanji, he asked Lord Hanuman – “Could you give me some oil to relieve my wretched pain?” Then Hanumanji offered some mustard oil to Shani Dev, after the massage of that oil on his body, Shani Dev’s pain was relieved immediately. Since then it has been a customary practice to offer mustard oil in the name of Shani Dev. It is symbolic to sooth his pain. He feels satisfied when the mustard oil is offered and this makes him kind and compassionate towards the devotee of Ram and Hanumanji. That is why those who worship Hanumanji on Saturday offering mustard oil with devotion are not affected by Shani’s Dosh.

In addition to this, there is also a more spiritual understanding to the relationship and equation between Lord Shani and Hanumanji. While Hanumanji is considered as the God displaying selflessness and devotion, Lord Shani is seen as a form of ego and pride. To get through life’s challenges and attain liberation, one must handle every situation of ego and pride with humility to offset the effects of karma. After all, Hanumanji built the bridge to Sri Lanka under Saturn’s influence. Lord Shani is much feared and wrongly perceived many times, He is a glorious teacher and within his protective grasp there is much to learn and add to our life.

It is also said that if a person is on a spiritual path, Saturn will elevate him during His period. Whereas, people searching and following worldly pleasures are punished by Shani Dev endlessly. It is important to find the wealth inside oneself to be in the good books of Lord Shani. Every planet in its own way tries to help us to take us towards our original source, our true Self. While the methods and processes might be varied, the result is always the same.

Anyone who is under the pernicious influences of Lord Shani Dev can hugely benefit from listening to Hanuman Chalisa daily and visiting a Hanumanji temple every Saturday, which are authentic Vedic astrological remedies that can protect the devotees from diseases, problems, sorrows and worries and bestow the valour and optimism to get through tough situations of life.

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