Power of Hari Om

Hari Om

This is the most popular and effective Mantra of Lord Vishnu, which is short, sweet and powerful.

‘Hari’ means ‘the remover’. When one remembers His name and then repeats it, sins, karmas and bad astrological effects are eradicated. Pain and suffering are removed. ‘Om’ is the primordial cosmic vibration from which sprang the entire cosmos and entire creation of living and non-living beings. The most famous mantra is ‘Hari Om’.

It’s essential meaning is that Hari is Om. ‘Hari Om’ is a universal mantra that removes suffering. This mantra contains within itself the cosmic vibration. Through Hari Om meditation, prana moves from one energy centre to the other.

There is also a Mantra —


HA= sky

RA= fire

I= energry

HARI= omnipresent sky capable of burning anything, and omnipresent omnipotent energy

“Om” refers to the Supreme Infinite Spirit or Person. Om represents the Shabda Brahman.

“Tat” refers to ‘that’, or ‘all that is’.

“Sat” refers to ‘the absolute truth’, that which is not evanescent or ephemeral, the underlying basis of everything, which is most

fundamental and universal. ‘Sat’ is the one and only eternal reality.

HARI OM TAT SAT = ‘Glory to Thee, the embodiment of power and truth!’

Our life system functions because of the subtle life force called prana. Prana flows in our system through subtle energy channels (nadis) and energy centres (chakras). There are thousands of nadis and numerous chakras in us. Tremendous amount of energy is present in each human being. This latent energy stored at the base of the spine is known as Kundalini. The amount of energy that moves upward from this energy centre depends on the conditions of other chakras and nadis. Hari Om meditation helps us in getting these chakras activated.

Meditation isn’t about about becoming someone or something or a new person, or even a improvised being. It’s about training the mind in awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective. You’re not trying to switch off your thoughts or feelings. You’re witnessing the thoughts without judgment. And eventually, you may start to better understand them as well through absorption. The practice of Japa of the Lord’s name, swiftly helps one into higher realms through natural meditation, provided it is performed with utmost faith and devotion. Meditation comes naturally to one whose mind is no longer agitated by conflicting and disturbing thoughts. And meditation is the core of all spiritual sadhana In the process, the mind does not become an empty storehouse but a powerhouse where thoughts of the Creator and His Glory have free play.

Benefits of Hari Om:

1. Increases Emotional Quotient

through healing.

2. Antidote for stress, anxiety and

Depression (like by any other

potent mantra)

3. Removes negative thoughts

and bad karma.

4. Enhances creativity of mind

and empowers free will.

5. Physical and Mental


6. Mantra helps life force (Prana)

to flow from one energy centre

to another energy centers


7 Effective Mantra that removes

Pain and Suffering

8. Mindful repetition of mantra

gives enhanced Spiritual

power resulting in elevation of

our awareness/consciousness.

9. Receiving Lord Vishnu’


10.Karmic healing and


Let us try to consciously practice the habit of saying “Hari Om” to each other during meetings or encounter, instead of greeting people with “Hi” or “Hey” or other informal sounds to make our gesture and action beneficial and wholesome.

Saints have achieved Self-Realisation & Liberation through Nama Japa,which is most suitable in Kali Yuga, let GOD lead us in this Path to find fulfilment of this rare Human Birth.

GF’ Blessings.