We have only contributory role and not controlling role

Hari Om

Samartha Ramdas Swamî, was an eminent Saint of Maharashtra, India. He was also the Guru of Shivajî Maharaj, a famous, brave and pious king of 17th century Maharashtra. One day, as the king and His Guru were inspecting some construction works in the royal palace, the king thought, “Indeed I am a great king, how well I take care of all my subjects!” The Guru, in His Omniscience, read His disciple’s thoughts and decided to correct his wrong thinking immediately.

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There was a huge boulder nearby. Ramdas Swamî instructed few of Shivajî’s soldiers to break it into two. When His request was carried out, everyone present witnessed an incredible sight. They saw that the rock had a small water-filled cavity with a little frog in it! As soon as the boulder was split into two, the encaged frog jumped out, breaking free.

Samartha Ramdas Swamî now turned to Shivajî and asked, “If you feel that you are taking care of everybody in your kingdom, then tell me who was taking care of the frog trapped in the rock?” The king realized his mistake and felt remorse for his egotistical thinking. He realised that it was God who had created everything and took care of all His creation.

Moral : One should do everything, including spiritual practice, with humility. Spiritual practice done with an attitude of surrender would eventually give the experience of the truth that God alone is Almighty and the Creator of all.

Unless we accept the fact that whatever happenings in our lives are all due to God’s Grace, we cannot accept the present and consequently we will be in stress, anxiety and lamenting mode always. By not accepting the happenings in the present in our life, we turn out to be atheists every moment despite praying, visiting temples or even doing rituals. Every outcome is by God’s Grace. Certainly We have only contributory role towards all happenings of our lives by exercising our free-will and not controlling role.

Accept every experience as Iswara Prashad and dedicate every action to Iswara.

Wining or losing, success or failure, pain or gain, good or bad, all events and outcomes of our life are controlled by the Kala Purusha, the Lord’s force based on our past karma, present actions and God’s will.

GF’ Blessings.