Guidelines for making Navagraha worship effective

Hari Om

Devotees must be aware of things to be done and the things to be avoided, while doing remedies (Pariharams) or worshiping the Navagrahas (9 Vedic planets).

Things to be done:

1.Always invoke Ganeshji through a prayer and your Kuladevata (family deity) before doing any remedy for your problem while worshipping Navagrahas.

2.Do the Remedies on the designated days, time and horas; as this would bring effective and appreciable results.

3.Fasting is advisable but not compulsory. But the restriction on the intake of foods (that instigate the mind) should be maintained. Avoid non-veg, onion, garlic etc.

4.Pariharam and negative or sexual thoughts and actions do not travel in a parallel manner. Hence avoid the Pariharam on the day, if you had done any sexual acts after the Sunrise. Also while doing the remedies think of the deity and fill your mind with healthy and positive thoughts.

5.Excepting while during pariharams or remedies for Navagrahas, all other times, Meditate only on Ishta devata(favorite deity), Kuladevata (family deity) or other Gods or as per instructions of your Guru.

6.Offer anything (flowers/lighting a lamp/cloth and so on) to the Navagrahas that is possible within your affordable limits. Do not get carried away by what others do. Listen to your Guru or scriptures.

7.Distribute prasadam (food) that are offered to Navagarahas to everyone, if you had done puja for removing the doshas.

8.Worshiping or doing Pujas for Navargahas without even looking at the presiding deity and not keeping the mind on deity may deliver completely negative results.

9.Do not discuss with people on what remedies you are doing or what your are praying for.

10.Always visit the Navagrahas in the end only after worshipping main deity and other parivara devathas of the temple.

Things to be avoided:

1. You should not treat the Navargrahas either equal or greater than the Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu or Divine mother and other Gods. This may be the cause of inviting deva kopa (or curse).

2. Do not do special remedies such as japa/homa or offering ornaments etc.,without having tarabala / chandrabala for your birth star.

3. Do not go around the Navagrahas (9 times) on all days except the Saturday. Because the Shanidev may transfer some burden on the people who unnecessarily go around the Navagrahas on days other than Saturdays. Other days going around once is enough.

4. Do not light Til oil lamp for Lord Hanumanji as a remedy for Saturn.

5. Never go around in a anti clock wise direction (for Rahu and Kethu). Always clock-wise direction of circumambulation advised.

6. Never stand diametrically opposite to the Lord Shani to worship. Do not touch the feet of Navagrahas.

7. Never go around the Navagrahas with hands folded or tied; never talk while going around. Never gossip while worshipping.

8. Never go through the gap (space) that lies between a person who worship (in one side) and Navagrahas (on the other side). Do not bypass other devotees while offering prayers to Deities.

9. Never touch the Navagrahas by yourself. (You can do puja by yourself only if you are sure about the quality and purity of your mind).

10. Never prostrate before the Navagrahas. Never touch the feet of Navagrahas.

11. Never light up your lamp from someone else’ lamp. Use separate match box or light up from the temple lamp. Do not use any other oil other than til oil for Shanidev worship.

12. Do not do pariharam for Navagrahas on a daily basis. It is always better to do it on the designated days or as per instructions of your Guru.

13. Do not accept prashads of Navagrahas from other devotees inside the temple.

14. Do not have unnecessary interaction with the priests in the temple leading to arguments, denial of their requests or greed. Try to be polite and smiling even if you have to disagree for their greedy or unjustifiable demands.

15. Do not throw waste or left over prashads inside the temple. Try to dispose them in the designated places or after coming to home or out of temple with reverence.

Hope it is clear.

Chanting appropriate Navagraha mantra (as per attached link 👇) while worshipping Navagrahas will be highly beneficial.

GF’ Blessings.