Why Faith is Invaluable?

Hari Om

Faith (Sraddha) is the language of the heart, expressed with optimism and positivity.

Faith is a manifestation of hope for something better. It is not just a wish, it is a close approximation to belief, but not exactly a belief. While a belief is planted in the mind, Faith is rooted in the heart.

People tend to act in faith when there is no certainty or assurance of something. It is difficult to predict what kind of life an infant may have, in spite of that uncertainty, people continue to have children. None can predict how the life with our life partners or soul mates will turn out, yet we continue to have faith that our relationships will be in tact for a lifetime. It is hard to guarantee that a friend will be loyal and truthful throughout but we continue to make friends with people.

Faith is always expressed as devotion from the bottom of the heart because it is a beautiful expression of hope that transcends the conscious mind.

In essence, everything that is precious and indispensable to us rests upon a faith in others, even though there is no guarantee or assurances.

Faith is the road to abundance, so everyone should be sure to hold it at the forefront of their mind. Believing that we deserve the best in life is not being selfish or aimless wishing. It is the outcome of true, utter, deep-down belief in our heart and soul that things will improve, and that we deserve the very best in life. A person without faith is akin to a river without water that would cease to exist.

One can discover the purpose and the goal of human life only when they have faith. Everything in life becomes much easier to achieve or attain when we have faith. Faith is the guiding light that helps us progress towards our purpose.

Faith trumps stress, anxiety, pessimism and depression by acting as a catalyst to find solutions through positivity, patience, prayerfulness and proactivity.

Even though, the past records or history portrays a contrast picture of the world with full of unfairness, brutality, criminality and injustices, there has also been tenderness, kindness, compassion and gratitude which fills the major portion of our hearts.

To hold ourselves with self esteem and high, we should have faith in ourselves and to live with freedom, we need to have faith in others. This alone can serve as water quenching the thirsty souls.

In Bhagavad-Gita 17.3, all humans faith is defined:

sattvānurūpā sarvasya
śraddhā bhavati bhārata
śraddhā-mayo ’yaṁ puruṣo
yo yac-chraddhaḥ sa eva saḥ


O son of Bharata, The faith of all humans conforms to the nature of their mind. Everyone has faith, and whatever the nature of their faith, that is verily what they are (according to the modes of nature in which their minds are made of).

The famous parable

A traveler met on his way, an old woman, who was stooped over what appeared to be thin sticks. He asked the woman, “ what are you doing?”

“I am planting orange trees,” she replied.

The traveler felt that she was wasting her time.

“Why do you bother?” he asked.

“You are an old woman. These saplings will take many years before they become fit enough to bear fruits. You will be dead by then.”

“Yes, you are right and true enough,” she answered. “But I am not planting these trees for myself but for those who will need them in future when they come after me, just as those people who planted the trees long ago, before my time, that bear the fruit that I eat and enjoy today.”

We therefore hear the following:

Faith can move mountains.

Belief is relief.

Absence of proof is not proof of absence.

GF’ Blessings…..🙏😊✋️