Vel Maaral – A powerful Stotram by Vallimalai Sachidananda Swamigal for eradicating any physical or mental disease

Hari Om

Vel  Maaral (‘வேல் மாறல்’)

Exchange  of Vel

Compiled by Vallimalai  Sri  Sachidananda SWamigal       

(Reproduced from Translation of Shri. P.R.Ramachander)

Vel  is the SAkthi weapon   given to  Lord Muruga  by his mother  SAkthi, to help him kill  Asura   called Sura Padma.

Vel can  put an end to your worries, Arunagiri Nathar has written a chapter  consisting of 16 verses  on Vel and this is called  Vel Vaguppu.Chanting it is supposed to put an end to diseases of body, mind   and the soul,Vallimalai  Schidananda swamigal has  compiled   this prayer  using the verses of  Vel Vaguppu.Here all the 16 verses  of Vel Vaguppu are repeated  randomly four times. After ending the repletion    there are two verses praying Vel from Kandhar  Alankaram  of Arunagiri nathar and Thirumurugathu padai  of  Nakkerar

All people  of tamil Nadu have experienced   the great power  of chanting this compilation to cure all type  of diseases.

In face book , I read the experience of a lady  who was  admitted in hospital due   to severe heart attack. The doctor was doubtful of her recovery. Then her friend made her   this great compilation. With great faith  that lady read the prayer   and she felt she should chant verse 14. Next day she was  completely cured of all her problems. When I searched for the prayer , I found it had 66  verses. I wanted it to be made available to  people   who do not know  how to read Tamil. God soon made me realize  that  the 64 verses  were  four times repetition of  the 16 verses  of  Vel Vaguppu of  Arunagiri nadhar. With help of God I have completed  this translation within a day. May  this recitation help you  get cured of all your diseases

You can listen to the Vel Maaral Stothra in video: