The Mysterious functioning of Karma

The delayed effect of karma explains how non-smokers can end up getting lung cancer. They were probably smokers in a previous incarnation but their good karma or destiny in that incarnation prevented them from suffering the consequences in that life owing to the Prarabdha then. We never know how long ago we acquired the karma that is manifesting in our lives today, and we never know how or when the karma we create today will manifest its consequences. This is because karma works behind the scenes – we only see the effects in the physical world and have no idea of the causes that are operating out of sight in the subtle worlds. Karma and destiny are woven into the very fabric of our lives to the extent that the average person barely notices their effects. The wave function of minds can create effects through a logically driven multiple interconnected probabilities and dynamics of karmic law under Lord’s operating system.

A child getting deadly disease, good people suffering or bad people enjoying, school drop out becoming a millionaire, Ivy League topper becoming a drug addict, sudden accidents, fatal incidents occurring- All are due to mismatch of timing of cause and effect karmas.

To keep your future good and present pleasant, always think, talk, and do GOOD only. Never indulge in harmful activities. Reduce selfish activities and increase selfless activities. While doing these Dwell in God moment to moment

As long as you believe that you are your body and mind complex, you will live in the limited Ego consciousness looking for pleasures for your body or mind and hence you will keep attracting karma. Drop your ego, embrace the supreme Self by knowing that there is only one Life force as Divine consciousness, living in all living beings and practice equanimity & equal vision to get rid of the karmic cycles. Celebrate the presence of presence by living in the NOW always.

The only way to cross the turbulent ocean of material energy (karma) is to constantly attach your mind to GOD and detach it from the world. Practice this mindfully until you reach perfection in retaining GOD in your mind always.

GF’ Blessings…..🙏😊✋️