Sri Rudram – Benefits of chanting the most powerful Shivji Vedic Hymn

Hari Om

Vedas are the roots of our Hindu dharma. It contains prayers and instructions for good way of life, progeny, prosperity, good health and happiness, besides ways to attain bliss. They also guide on the welfare state, warfare, medicine, jyotisha sastra and many other knowledge domains. Vedas speak greatly of Lord Siva in many places. In particular, Sri Krishna Yajur Veda’s Taittriyya Samhita part, on 4th Kanda, 5th prasna contains the famous “Sri Rudram” – prayers on Siva’s many roopams so as to indicate He is omnipresent in all living being and so He is the “Para Brahmam”. Kurma Purana, Mahabharata, Sootha Samhita and many others proclaim the greatness of chanting Sri Rudram prayers for obtaining well being and bliss, besides removal of all sins – past and present.

Considering its greatness, our elders had created a method of using Sri Rudram along with Chamaka Prasnam (in 7th Prasnam) for obtaining the above results. The oldest treaty “Mahaarnavam” gives the details of performing Sri Rudra Yagna in various methods based on the needs such as

1. Ekadasa Rudram – one person chanting Sri Rudram (11 paragraphs) 11 times along with one para of Chamakam (total: 11times)

2. Rudra Ekadasinii (Lagu Rudram) – 11 persons chanting 11 times as above (total: 121)

3. Maha Rudram is 11 Rudra Ekadasiniis (total 1,331)

4. Ati Rudram is 11 Maha Rudrams (total 14641)

Note: Sage Bodayana’s writings and instructions contain many prayers on Lord Siva, especially use of mantras in Maha Nyasam (thereby a devotee thinks himself Siva in bhava, and do Siva Pooja). The above four methods ncecessarily contain Maha Nyasa, Rudra Japam, Abishekam with 10 Dravyas, Rudra Homam and Vasordara with Chamakam containing over 300 specific desires.


Sri Rudram is a powerful Vedic Mantra and should be chanted with devotion in appropriate manner with proper innotation and perfect pace in order to produce the auspicious vibration – only if this is done, does it confer invaluable and immense benefits to the chanter and to the listeners.

The paragraph wise benefits are enumerated below for understanding the power of Sri Rudram chanting and listening:

1st anuvaka   : for overall development of the community as well as the well-being of the chanter. This is expected to provide a powerful and protective shield against diseases, devils, ghosts, monsters and so on.

2nd anuvaka  : for annihilation of enemies, acquisition of wealth, conquering of kingdom and so on.

3rd anuvaka   : to heal and cure diseases.

4th anuvaka   : to cure diseases like tuberculosis, lung infections, leprosy, etc.

5th anuvaka   : to get rid of ignorance and Maya, for victory over enemies, for begetting a son, for trouble or problem free pregnancy and for increase of wealth.

6th anuvaka   : for the same benefits mentioned in the fifth anuvaka.

7th anuvaka   : for the expansion

of intelligence, wealth, health and longevity.

8th anuvaka   : for the destruction of enemies and re -possession of lost assets.

9th anuvaka   : for acquiring wealth, a good wife, good job, and the blessings for begetting a son who will be fully devoted to Lord Shiva.

10th anuvaka : for retaining wealth, cure of diseases, removal of fear, getting rid of the enmity of powerful people, absence of fear from all living beings, having the vision of Bhairava (Shiva in his most fearful aspect), protection from dangers and removal of fears, blessings for eradication or dissolution of sins.

11th anuvaka : for acquiring Trikala Gnan (knowledge of past, present and future), longevity and visiting sacred places.

For listening to Sri Rudram / Chamakam:

Om Namassivaya!

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