Who is your fallback?

Hari Om

Our buddhi (intellect) makes decisions and forms attitude based on the impelling force of past karma. Therefore our choices in our life are based on buddhi (karma).

Friends or others would like to help you as per their known methods acquired by their own beliefs and habits. For example, to help you to come out of stress, one friend may ask you to drink, one may ask you to consult someone who he consults and the another will ask you to meditate.

To overcome pain and hurt, one friend will ask you to take revenge and get even, and another will ask you to forgive and move ahead with your life. ‘Who is your fallback’ makes all the difference.

Duryodhana’s confession, in his own words, was, “I know what is right or good but I am not able to indulge in it. I know what is wrong or bad but I am not able to avoid it.” He looked for a fallback. His fallback was his own uncle, malicious Shakuni, and consequently, Duryodhana moved from bad to worse.

Arjuna’s predicament was different. He was dominated by his personal emotions rather than by his sense of duty, and hence tried to escape from the responsibilities he had towards upholding righteousness. He needed a fallback. His fallback was Lord Krishna, and resultantly, Arjuna was restored to his goodness and was transformed to greatness.

Every one of us a as a human being at some point or the other, in our life on various occasions needs a fallback. ‘Who is your fallback’ makes all the difference.

Make a right choice!

Your fall back is not decided by you. Your past karma decides who is your fallback. Karma can become weak to influence you (your intellect) only when we unconditionally surrender to God which can happen only through prayers (in our prayers we must mindfully ask the Lord for giving us the mind to surrender to Him).

Karma is like a scientific equation, it will just drag us to the destiny intended for us. Atma is beyond karma. So when we recognise that we are Atma and not this body & mind complex, we can transcend karma.

By doing only righteous actions, without attachment or hatred, one’s action won’t be binding.

Use your free-will without attachment or hatred, with clarity of thought, purity of mind, and maturity of heart by surrendering to God unconditionally to get rid of karmic bondage.

GF’ Blessings……🙏😊✋️