Sharad (Shardiya) Navratri 2022 – Schedule, Guidelines, Pujas and other Religious instructions

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Shree Matre Namah!

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The most important and divine aspect of the NavrAtri festival is the ritual part of the festival—offered every day during NavrAtri, in the form of prayers, chanting and Arti with utmost devotion from the bottom of our heart to the Divine mother. Let us express our supreme devotion and selfless love for the Divine mother by chanting Sri Lalitha Sahasranama, Sapthasathi, Argala stotras or Indraakshi stotras daily with utmost devotion and also by offering appropriate flowers, food with salutations.

Sharad Navratri 2022 Dates and Days Information

In 2022,

Navratri Day 1 – September 26, 2022 (Monday) – Prathama, Ghatsthapana, Shailaputri Puja

Day 2 – September 27, 2022 (Tuesday) – Chandra Darshan, Dwitiya, Brahmacharini Puja

Day 3 – September 28, 2022 (Wednesday) – Tritiya, Chandraghanta Puja

Day 4 – September 29, 2022 (Thursday) – Chathurthi Puja

Day 5 – September 30, 2022 (Friday) – Panchami, Skandamata Puja

Day 6 – October 1, 2022 (Saturday) – Shashthi, Katyayani Puja

Day 7 – October 2, 2022 (Sunday) – Saptami, Kalaratri Puja

Day 8- October 3, 2022 (Monday)- Maha Ashtami, Mahagauri, Sandhi Puja

Day 9- October 4, 2022 (Tuesday) – Maha Navami, Sidhidatri, Navami Homa

Day 10 – October 5, 2022 (Wednesday), Durga Visarjan, Vijaya Dasami

Navratri 2022 day wise Rituals:

September 26, 2022, Monday

Navarathri Day 1

Devi : Maaheswari

Flower :Malligai

Neivedhyam :Ven pongal

Thithi : Pradhamai

Kolam :Arisi maavaal (rice flour) pottu kolam poda vendum.(Draw rangoli by using rice flour.)

Raagam : Thodi Raagam

Slokam :

Om swethavarnaayai vidhmahe Soola hasthaayai dheemahi Thanno Maaheshwari Prachodayaath

September 27, 2022, Tuesday

Navarathri Day 2

Devi: Kowmaari


Neivedhyam: Puliyodharai

Thithi: Dwitheeyai

Kolam:maavinal kolam . (Draw rangoli by using wet flour.)



Om Siki vaahanaaya vidhmahe Sakthi Hasthaayai Dheemahi Thanno kowmaari Prachodayaath

September 28, 2022, Wednesday

Navarathri Day 3

Devi: Vaaraahi


Neivedhyam:Sakkarai pongal

Thithi: thrutheeyai

Kolam:malar kolam poda vendum . (Draw rangoli by using flowers-pookolam.)



Om Magishathvajaaya vidhmahe Thanda Hasthaaya Dheemahi Thanno Vaaraahi Prachodayaath

September 29, 2022, Thursday

Navarathri Day 4

Devi: Lakshmi

Flower: JaathiMalli

Neivedhyam:Kadhamba Saadham


Kolam:Atchadhai kondu padikattu pola kolamida vendum (Draw rangoli in shape of steps by using atchatai (mix of rice,turmeric,ghee.))



Om Padma Vaasinyai cha Vidhmahe Padmalochanee sa Dheemahi Thanno Lakshmi prachodayaath

September 30, 2022, Friday

Navarathri Day 5

Devi: Vaishnavi

Flower: Paarijaatham & Mullai

Neivedhyam: Curd Rice

Thithi: panchami

Kolam: kadalai maavaal paravai kolam poda vendum (Draw a bird like rangoli by using Bengal gram flour.)

Raagam:panchamaavaranai keerthanai paada vendum.bandhuvaraali


Om Syaamavarnaayai VidhmaheChakra Hasthaayai Dheemahi Thanno Vaishnavi Prachodayaath

October 1, 2022, Saturday

Navratri Day 6

Devi : Indraani


Neivedhyam:Coconut rice

Thithi: sashti

Kolam:kadalai maavinaal Devi naamathai kolamida vendum (Write the name of the goddess using Bengal gram flour.)



Om Kajathvajaayai vidhmahe Vajra Hasthaaya Dheemahi Thanno Iyndree Prachodayaath

October 2, 2022, Sunday

Navarathri Day 7

Devi: Saraswathi

Flower:Malligai & mullai

Neivedhyam:Lemon rice


Kolam:Narumana malargalaal kolamida vendum (Draw rangoli by using fragrant flowers-pookolam.)



Om Vaakdevyai vidhmahe Vrinji pathnyai sa Dheemahi Thanno Vaani Prachodayaath

October 3, 2022, Monday

Navarathri Day 8

Devi: Durga


Neivedhyam: Paayasaannam


Kolam:padma kolam (Draw traditional lotus shaped rangoli)



Om Magisha mardhinyai vidhmahe Durga devyai Dheemahi Thanno Devi Prachodayaath

October 4, 2022, Tuesday

Navarathri Day 9

Devi: Saamundaa




Kolam:Vaasanai podigalal aayudham pola kola mida vendum (Draw weapon shaped rangoli by using fragrant powder.)

Raagam:vasantha raagam


Om Krishna varnaayai vidhmahe Soola Hasthaayai Dheemahi Thanno Saamundaa Prachodayaath

October 5, 2022, Wednesday

Navarathri Day 10

Vijaya Dasami

Devi: Vijaya

Flower: Malligai,Roja

Neivedhyam: sakkarai pongal,sweets

Thithi: dasami


Om Vijayaa devyai vidhmahe Mahaa Nithyaayai Dheemahi Thanno DEVI Prachodayath

Based on the day of Navratri, in line with principles of Vedic astrology, devotees can choose from the table 👇, Saree Color, Sundal and Payasam. Neivdhyam (Kalandha Sadam). GF’ Blessings.

To Keep dolls @ Kolu – Auspicious timings : September 25, Sunday 2022, 1.30 – 2.00 pm or 6.30 – 7 pm.

To remove dolls from Kolu Auspicious timings : 9.15 – 10 pm on October 5, Wednesday, 2022.

Important instructions and rules for Kolu Padi (steps of Dolls display) of Navratri.

No of steps should be odd in number. I.e.,3,5,7,9…..

Steps need not be of same length.

You can keep Kolu in different blocks (depicting various themes) with each block having odd no. of steps and following the above rules.

The Kolu arrangement should be placed in such a way that the dolls face North or East (Also means that the steps should be sloping towards North or East as per Vaastu principles).

Ganeshji idol to be kept on the Top in the beginning.

Dolls like animals, birds and creatures should be kept in last row or lowest step.

Dolls such as chettiar, marriage party, music party, driver, hawker, conductor, like normal human beings should be in the next step.

Dolls like Ramana, Ramakrishna paramahamsa, other Saints and Sages should be kept next.

Dolls like incarnations Dasavathara, krishna, rama should be kept next.

Dolls like Ambal, Shivan, Vishnu, Lakshmi should be kept on the uppermost step.

You may allocate more adjacent steps for each category of dolls (as explained above). Attached images show typical arrangement of dolls in a ‘Kolu’.

This method is followed clearly to distinguish various lives as different evolutionary steps. First as just living beings without any knowledge (like animals or birds), then with humans filled predominantly with materialistic goals (like Chettiar doll – the human mind with business for profit thoughts), then to reach gnani state (Saints with spiritual goals) and for attaining god.

The most important thing is that, if you are keeping Kolu, you should not close your home during daytimes and particularly in evenings. You should show arti in the morning and evening for the Kolu arrangement after your main pujas.

Daily prepare some sweet, sundal or some naivedya and distribute them to others as Prashad with lots of Love. Give thamboolam to all who visit your home with some gifts if you can.

If elders visit your house you may take Blessings.

Do not differentiate visitors while giving gifts and regards.

Happy Navarathri and Vijaya Dasami!

GF’ Blessings.