Faith to Devotion to Surrender to Liberation is the path:

Hari OM

God (Iswara) and Bliss (Ananda) are both identical or synonymous terms. Everyone in this world desires this bliss alone hence he or she is a seeker of bliss and therefore unknowingly, is a seeker of the Lord.

Devotion (Bhakti) is the only means to attain LORD (Eternal Bliss). This devotion has to be from the mind and not through mere senses. Mind is the cause of bondage or liberation (from Upanishads)

Purification of the mind is possible only through dedicated spiritual practice and devotional discipline whereafter one attains perfect devotion, and realises the Lord in his Heart.

Without purification of mind it is impossible to acquire or own Divine or Godly qualities such as selfless love, equanimity, compassion, non-violence, forgiveness.

All spiritual sadhanas or disciplines are meant for mind alone. Devotion performed only with sense organs cannot be accepted as fruit giving spiritual disciplines.

Love and hate (Craving and Crying) in the material world have the same impact or result. Detachment brings the Wisdom that the world is unreal and Perfection through devotion implies seeing Lord in all beings (Equal Vision).

In mathematics, if A is B then B is A but in spirituality, the equation is different: God is World but World is not God. Constant practice of attaching the mind to God and detaching it from the world will lead to automatic loving of the World unconditionally with the simultaneous Wisdom of understanding that World Is not God.

First you should surrender to God for God to bestow his Grace. Even if you find it is difficult to surrender initially, accept the truth that the Lord is causelessly merciful and this will make you stop sinning from today and eventually this will lead to ethical and moral living resulting in devotion and surrender soon. Remember that always you should pay the money for buying your train or cinema ticket first before you are handed over the ticket at the counter.

Human birth is rare and valuable and momentary (valid for a short period) Hence even a moment’s delay in understanding God, developing Love for God and starting spiritual discipline can result in great loss.

Perceiving faults in others is the perfect proof of one’s own faults. Being non – judgemental and non- condemning is the most important for a true devotee or Baktha to realise the supreme Truth.

Start your spiritual sadhana immediately by doing regular chanting of Lord’s names (Japa), hearing Lord’s glories (Sravan), remembering His pastimes (Smaran), and singing His Bhajans (Kirtan)

Proof of Absence is not Absence of Proof.

GF’ Blessings…..🙏😊✋️

OM Tat Sat.