Lord Muruga worship for strengthening Mars

Hari Om

By worshiping Lord Muruga (Lord Karthik or Subramanya) with devotion on Tuesdays one can strengthen the Mars (Sevvai or Ankaraka) in his birth chart for solving relationship issues with spouse and siblings, health issues, land disputes and for preserving youth and vitality. For women menopause related problems can be mitigated or solved through prayers to Lord Muruga. Also Kuja Dosha or Mangalik issues can be remedied through devotion to Lord Muruga.

Fasting on Krithika star, Shasti Thithi and Tuesday also strengthens Mars.

Lord Muruga when worshipped at Arupadai Veedu Temples (namely at Swamimalai, Tiruttani, Palani, Thiruparankundram, Pazhamuthircholai and Tiruchendur) at one stretch within 15 days during Suklapaksha (between Dwithiyai and Poornima) may strengthen Mars to a greater extent to ease out many issues of life.

In Palani Temple, Lord Muruga is most powerful representing Mars and the temple for planet Mars is Vaideeswarankoil near Mayuram.

At Kukke, Subramanya- Lord Muruga cures devotees from generational curses associated with Sarpa dosha and Pitru doshas.

Traditionally as per scriptures, Lord Subramanya worship is highly recommended for solving many problems arising out of Sarpa or Naga Dosha, Kuja Dosha and health or vitality related issues.

On Tuesdays if one remains vegetarian, worships Muruga by regularly visiting his temple. Offering prayers through recitation of his Sahasranma, Skanda Shasti Kavacham, Skandha Guru Kavacham or “Om Sarava Bhava” mantra (daily one mala) he can strengthen the Mars planet in his horoscope to get benefits as explained above.

If you have skin issues you should visit Samayapuram Mariamman Temple, Vaideeswaran Koil and Shrine Vekankanni in a sequence and also in addition you may offer Muthangi (a dress for deity made out of silk and pearls) to your native Kaval deivam (such as Mariamnan or Pidari Amman)

In Chennai Vada Palani is considered very powerful Muruga Temple (as equivalent to Palani)

At Thiruchendur and Sikkal, Lord Murga gives the devotees power and strength to win battles with enemies (of righteous or dharmic cause).

People who want fame and name should worship Lord Muruga at Thiruchendur.

The power of Lord Muruga can be understood from the following concluding verse of Sri Subramanya Bhujangam (in snake metre) by Bhagavad Pada – Sri Adi Sankaracharya;

bhujangAkhya vritthena kluptham sthavam yah, pateth bhakti yuktho guham sam pranamya

suputrAn kaLathram dhanam dheergamAyuh, labheth Skanda sAyujya manthe narrassah.

{That holy devotee, who prostrates to Lord Guha, reciting the Bhujanga stotra daily, with devotion, will be blessed with good sons, good wife, wealth and long life, and at end of his life, will attain eternal bliss with Lord Skanda}.

May you all receive the Bountiful Blessings of Lord Muruga and Blessings of Kuja Graha to lead a healthy and successful life.

GF’ Blessings Always………🙏😊✋