FAQ: Why spiritual guidelines always?

Hari Om


O Guruji. Every time we come to you with a problem, you give us a spiritual solution. How will it help me with my material problem?

Answer: I understand where you are coming from.

This brings to mind a story that Ramana Maharishi used to tell. It’s about two friends travelling together. Let’s call them Ram and Shyam. When night fell, they looked for a safe place to sleep. In those days, there were choultries where travellers could stay overnight. The friends spotted one such choultry, shared a frugal meal and went to sleep.

Suddenly, Ram started shouting, “Thief, thief!” in his sleep. Shyam woke up with a start. Then he saw that his friend was asleep and that he was dreaming. What could Shyam do?

– He could just lie down and go to sleep again.

– He could call the police.

– Or he could wake Ram and tell him that he was dreaming.

Like Shyam, when you, my friend, are asking me for a solution to your problem, I too have choices. And as your Guru, what I will do is help you wake from your Maya.

Again, I will tell you another story to make this simpler. This is the famous ‘snake and rope’ story from the Vedanta.

A villager walking on a dark moonless night in a poorly lit area gets scared of a rope lying on his way, for he thinks it is a snake. A friend who comes by with a lantern throws light on his fears – the snake is not a snake but a rope. Now fear leaves the mind. However, as long as the mind perceives the rope to be a snake, fear and anxiety play inside the mind.

Appearances and perceptions may not always be real. They could be illusions caused by our wrong knowledge or ignorance (avidya). Similarly, the world does not exist by itself. It exists because of the awareness objectifying it. The reality that we see, perceive and prove, such as matter, mass, energy, light, sound and waves, are woven into one entity that displays itself in many forms – the Supreme Self.

You may wonder what all this has to do with your question. I tell you, the material world is illusory, it’s Maya. Lack of understanding and fear, bind you to the material problem. The spiritual path I am pointing out for you, helps you lift the veil on Maya to allow you to understand the fundamentals of your own reality and deal with them accordingly.

prakrityaiva cha karmani

kriyamanani sarvasah

yah pasyati tathatmanam

akartaram sa pasyati.

(Bhagwad Gita: Chapter Thirteen, Verse 30)

“Sri Krishna said: O Arjuna, One who can see that all activities are performed by the nature (Maya) alone and sees that the Self does nothing, actually sees.”

God is not playing with you; God is playing as you.

GF’ Blessings Always…..🙏😊✋