Remedies to make Shani Bhagawan Happy

Hari OM

Remedies for Shani Bhagawan is always important as transit of Saturn is most feared one in Vedic Astrology.

Shani Bhagawan gives appropriate Karma Phala based on one’s past actions without fail. He is the Chief and Champion in pronouncing Justice, which is also evident from His Black colour and Exaltation in Tula (Libra – represented by the symbol of balance).

When somebody confesses, repents his mistakes, turns to Dharmic or rigteous living, Shani Bhagawan promptly promotes his or her happiness and dealings.

However it is most important that we change our life style. Saturn expects from everyone: adherence to purity, self-discipline, renunciation, surrender, exclusive devotion, detachment, objectivity, and performing good karma regularly. Karmic expiation like prayer, performing Vedic remedial rituals, atonement, chanting of remedial and Vedic Mantras, visiting temples, worship of the deity, and also giving to deserving charity based on one’s own ability will definitely purify the mind of the devotee resulting in cleansing the influence of a negative Saturn in our life.

Courtesy : Thirunallar Shani Bhagawan (Temple)

Remedies to make Shani Bhagawan Happy:

1. Perform Til oil Abishegams on Saturdays periodically at least once in 3 months.

2. Help poor and needy people with clothes, money and kind words. Help handicapped with food and clothes.

3. Wear Dark Blue or Black colour clothes on Saturdays

4. Pray to Lord Hanumanji. Shani will not harm Hanumanji’s devotes. According to Scriptures Lord Hanumanj saved Lord Shani from the clutches of Ravana, in Ramayana. In return for this Shani Bhagawan promised to bless Sri Hanumanji’s devotees. The devotees of Sri Hanumanji wins the heart of Lord Sani indirectly.

5. Quit Alcohol, Gambling and earning through illegal or immoral ways.

6. Visit one or more powerful Temples of Shani Bhagawan, namely, His abodes at Thirunallar, Thirikollikadu, Kuchanoor, Shani Shingnapur near Ahmednagar City ( Close to Aurangabad / Pune) in Maharashtra and Shani Temple at Kosi (This famous Shani Bhagawan Temple, also known as Kokilavan Dham, at Kosi Kalan near Mathura in Uttar Pradesh is believed as the spot where Lord Krishna gave darshan to Shani Dev) on Saturdays with devotion, at least once a year.

7. Never buy leather or black coloured items on Saturdays.

8. Do not hurt or insult people especially poor, needy and labours. Avoid malicious Gossip.

9. Be honest and follow Justice by being fair and reasonable to All.

10. Recite the following powerful Shani Maha Mantra daily 11 or 36 or 108 times:

Om Neelanjana samapasam raviputhram yamaagrajam chhaaya maarthanda sambuthdham tham namami Shanescharam ||


I bow down to Lord Shani Dev who is effulgent as that of a blue mountain. He is the son of Surya Bhagawan and the brother of Yama (God of death). He is born to Chaya and Martanda (another name of sun god).

And / Or You may also chant Hanuman Chalisa at least 3 times daily.

11. To donate on auspicious days a Silver Kavacham (can be even plated if not affordable) for a Powerful Shani Bhagwan in a Temple and some aid / offerings to a Goshala.

12. To perform Japa/ Homa with Yajur Veda Shani Mantra – 14000 Japa and Dasamsa Homa along with Ganapati and Navagraha Homa.

13. To visit Sucheendram on a Saturday and perform poojas for main deity (Lord Stanumalaya representing Trimurtis) and Sri Hanumanji.

14. Devotees over 30 years are advised to visit Thirukkolikadu Shani Bhagawan Temple and offer poojas to Lord Shani and Shivji there, and Devotees over 60 years are advised to visit additionally Thirukadaiyur Sri Abhirami / Sri Amirthakadeswarar and perform poojas.

15. Additional Remedy for Sade-sathe (or 7-1/2 Shani) : For 16 or 108 continuous Saturdays to perform at Sani Temple (or Lord Shani in Navagraha) archana and to light Til oil lamp and for every 8th Saturday til oil Abishegam for Shani Bhagawan ,offer Garland with blue flowers and / or to perform archana every Saturday to Sri Hanumanji at Hanuman Temple and offer Vada mala (Garland of Vadas).

The Lord who is dressed in blue, dark blue in colour, having four arms, the putra (son) of the Surya Bhagawan, who appears horrific, whose nature is peaceful, whose vehicle is an ox, who moves slow, who carries a trident, bow and mace in his hands, with a blue sapphire crest jewel on his head, portraying the gesture of granting boons, may Divine Saturn ever grant his Bountiful and compassionate Blessings to All.

GF’ Blessings.